Who is Megumin ?

Megumin is among the chief personalities of this KonoSuba series.


Megumin is really a new girl with shoulder-length darkbrown hair (smooth black in light publication ) and red colored eyes. She wears a more classical superhero dress like a black blouse with golden edge, choker, magician’s hat, fingerless gloves, also conveys a shameful team. Although she reluctantly asserts her eye-patch seals her immense ability she sees this being a fashionable sense of style as a result of her chuunibyou styles.

She features a reasonable skin and a pale complexion. Unlike her rival Yunyun with a developed figure, Megumin seemingly has a delicate figure body, as Kazuma explains her body because a”porcelain doll”. Yuiyui additionally said that every one of their relatives have a lean body, however, Megumin believes it’s merely simply because they lack nourishment since they scarcely eat food.


Megumin is really a girl that is simple, who talks within a oldstyle Japanese dialect. She might be quite hyper and playful occasionally and contains chuunibyou trends such as the remainder of the Crimson Demon villagers. She’s quite intelligent, but includes almost no selfcontrol, specially when it has to do with using Explosion magic. She does not have any trouble blowing her charm on vacant plains or deserted castles, provided that she is able to use Explosion one time every day.

Kazuma said that Megumin gets the most good sense of girls from the party, however considering her rivalry, it’s perhaps not much of a compliment.

Megumin is normally cheerful and calm, but she could become competitive when she feels fearful or contested. Kazuma said that she’s magnanimous and cherishes her comrades significantly more than someone else. That is evident because she’ll grow to be protective if the others try to hurt her allies. She hates being treated as a young child simply due to her young look and becomes helpless when people call her loli.


She made a decision to turn into a Explosion mage after having a busty elderly woman spared her Explosion magic if she had been young, and later learning she asserts she”must throw one time aday or perish.”

While attending faculty, Megumin would feign food out of Yunyun regular since her parents could afford food. As a result of the exemplary academic operation, Megumin surely could graduate . After she made to traveling , Yunyun predicted she’d be”at a loss because of deficiency in the way of success, begging for a futile man for meals “

After travel into Axel Town, she immediately acquired a reputation like a loony Explosion enthusiast, so parties refused to take her earlier fulfilling Kazuma and Aqua


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