Wiz from Konosuba

She’s a lich who’s who owns some »famous » Magic Item Shop at Axel, also was called the Ice Cream if she had been a adventurer fighting from the Devil King.


She’s brown eyes and brown hair reaching right down to the very front of her buttocks and farther behind her spine, slightly bending at the hints. Her knee occasionally covers her eye. Wiz also owns one ahoge which arcs off the very top of her mind.


Clumsy and forgetful occasionally, Wiz can be actually a kind and affectionate young woman although preconceptions using being a lich. She’s quite innocent and humble and apologizes quite usually, making her a target for bullying by Aqua or even Vanir. Even the townspeople, however, have enormous esteem and confidence within her. Wiz is normally gentle and considerate, yet might be mature and serious, behaving like a bigsister figure. She’s also impossible with money and company. Her shop has never had one profitable month since it started Axel Town, mainly since it sells items which are apparently of use but possess unwanted effects or end-game equipment despite being positioned in a town for start adventurers.


Explosion Magic: Just Like Megumin, Wiz can throw explosion having enough capability to stun the Mobile Fortress Destroyer. But, despite the archwizard’s charm, Wiz’s variant is beneficial enough that she’s enough energy to stay portable after.

Ice Magic: Wiz is well versed in ice magical, with her skill well poetry into the scope of it being a portion of her name when she was an adventurer.

Drain Touch: the consumer absorbs or transports strength and endurance. But, Aqua’s holy energy is more toxic to undead animals like Wiz, together with recurrent efforts at using Drain Touch on Aqua even inducing her into being to fade off.

Bottomless Swamp: the consumer creates a purple »bottomless » marsh facing these that makes anybody who comes in touch with it . Wiz first employed this to get time to get Kazuma‘s plan whenever the Hawk Kites were later them (as a result of Darkness‘ hardness).

Teleportation: Wiz may teleport people or objects to »conspicuous » regions, which can be places she’s already seen, such as cities, dungeons, or even caves. Wiz can leave-behind additional markers in areas she wants see after. Once her vacation around Alcanretia, she chose to bring the spot for her list as a result of relaxing hot springs.

Random Teleportation: After the Destroyer was going to selfdestruct, Wiz surely could teleport its power supply to a random area of earth.