Who is Yunyun ?

She is one of the representative and the next boss to lead the Crimson Clan, she’s a friend but also the rival of Megumin


Yunyun may be a appealing teenage woman with purple eyes and medium long hair bound with tails. Additionally to being larger and more busty, she has a very comparable look to Megumin. Yunyun most of the time wears her dresses and coat  in the color of black. She got a wild silver stick and have a brief sword wrapped round her waist. Under the coat, she also have a pink mini skirts. 


Yunyun features a very strong and caring identity. She isn’t always honest together with her feelings and is quite shy toward people. Although she’s very smart, she generally take the words of people too seriously. She doesnt try to defy or encounter everyone else except Megumin. She is also never display any eccentric personality contrary to her Crimson demon clan.


Yunyun is the chief’s daugther of the Crimson clan but also a Megumin’s classmates in their academy. She was always determined to beat Megumin but always finished second while Megumin was the first. Yunyun goal is to be one of the greatest magic user and surpass Megumin. Yunyun and Wiz have been in relationship as time passes. 


Teleport: She can teleport to the place that she puts a checkpoint

Cursed Lightning: This a offensive spells that allows her to electrocute her enemy