Konosuba Megumin explosion


The only real favorite spells of Megumin, which she could throw once each day. A spells by having an overly-long incantation punctuated by an Engrish pronunciation of this word « burst », the charm is a familiar « mark-out » time for most fans. « EXPLOSION » is usually spammed from the comments sections for KonoSuba related stuff on line.

Several characters others characters from the serie can also cast explosion but not as effective as Megumin since she’s practising this spells every day.

Megumin explosion

See here a little demonstration of Megumin Explosion in video

Megumin explosion Gif

Gif version : https://giant.gfycat.com/UglyNiftyCaudata.gif

Megumin explosion song

The most used soundtrack from Megumin while she is casting and channeling the explosion spells