Who is Satou Kazuma ?

He had been reincarnated into the dream world after perishing.


Kazuma is really a son of average weight and height reduction. He’s got slightly and short spiky chestnut-brown own hair and green eyes. His customary outfit is made up of gold-trimmed green ring, white blouse, trousers and leather boots.


Several of those faculties could attest every once in awhile from the fantasy-world, like becoming exceptionally worried when meeting the gorgeous Darkness and allow himself to lazing around under his kotatsu in any way times.

After coming into the fantasy-world, Kazuma becomes a whole lot more outgoing and social and has been excited about the possibility of having an adventurer. Nevertheless, nevertheless, Kazuma becomes pessimistic about his new life as he finds the unpleasant reality of as an adventurer, like the minimal cover and life threatening.

All through this string, Kazuma is always sarcastic, funny, and blunt, notably involving their or her own team mates. It will not only stretch to his team mates, as he can also be open about his disdain for millennial people like Mitsurugi Kyouya. Kazuma has a tendency to complain regarding the regrettable situations he receives , like if he drops right into debt, » by which he becomes more irritable and miserable.

Although unassuming person in this category, Kazuma is described as some one who’s »reliable at significant moments » Therefore, he’s unbelievably intelligent and a fantastic leader, frequently function as person who includes all the plans or guide the team. Megumin explains him hardworking when he is poor, and idle when he is rich. Despite his unorthodox mindset, Kazuma features a kind heart, even because he can genuinely like his time with his party and can be ready to do anything is required to eventually help them. In his very first globe, Kazuma revealed some semblance of bravery because he had been prepared to forfeit his entire life to rescue girl he actually believed was at peril, even saying after he died he was handsome along with his fate provided that the girl had been safe (though later it has disclosed she had been without injury to start with, to Kazuma’s embarrassment).

However, while he’s brave, Kazuma owns a few less epic attributes too. He’s fairly lecherous and frequently introduces himself as a »advocate of sex equality » as a explanation for him to attack and frighten women by sneaking their underwear. In addition, he makes use of this to warrant him re-treating a dangerous conflict prior to the ladies. Along side that, Kazuma was content with living the remainder of his own life because of lazy bum after getting enough income to live , essentially left his first search to conquer the Demon King.


After in basic school, his initial love and youth friend had sworn to wed him. But during summer time of the third year at middle school, he saw the exact same girl riding a delinquent upper classman’s bike. Unable to express any such thing he wanted to attend faculty and also immersed himself into net gambling.

Since Kazuma gradually decrease his sleeping period and focused his attempts to terrorize monsters all of the time in matches, individuals who knew that his name turned into fewer and fewer. 1 day later moving outside he died wanting to rescue girl from getting struck by an on coming truck. The vehicle was, Actually, a Slowmoving tractor, however, believing he had been run , Kazuma expired from shock


Kazuma Is One of the Adventurer course. Therefore, they will study some minor abilities, spells and abilities of all different classes in addition to their or her own.

Luck: Kazuma comes with a very large chance stat, therefore high that Luna has been astonished. But she asserts that its numerical significance isn’t really critical to a adventurer. Throughout his gaming series from the state of Elroad, Kazuma managed to acquire enough capital to temporarily set a casino outside of business.

Intelligence: his statistical intellect is high. In technical usage, he’s very sharp and adorable, usually employing the using unorthodox approaches.

Steal: Steal is an art that enriches predicated on the fortune stat, helping to make it a helpful skill for Kazuma as a result of his elevated chance stat. This celebrity in Kazuma stealing probably the very effective thing some body has them on, however if he’s using’Steal’ to a lady, it usually contributes to Kazuma stealing their underwear.

Snipe: an art and craft that’s influenced by the fortune stat.

Lurk: an art and craft which makes an individual difficult to find. While perhaps not providing the exact same degree of concealment because invisibility, it can allow Kazuma to proceed without being detected.

Concealment: an Excellent version of this Lurk skill. This permits Kazuma invisibility to get quite a brief length of time.

It can simply be used through direct contact and drains mana speedily, therefore Kazuma can use this skill offensively to be able to render competitions struggling to proceed as soon as they’re emptied of mana.

Normally, these are quite feeble and simple magical abilities however Kazuma uses his intellect to maximise the potency of each and every skill. Make Water is suitable for producing sterile drinking tap water if Kazuma needs it, Tinder is fantastic for starting fires and draining ropes to flee, also Freeze is employed together using Produce Water to suspend the earth and allow it to be slippery because of his competitions and just to maintain Darkness from increasing in addition to an upgraded air conditioning during the summer season.

Cook is also learned the Capability of cooking with the Notion of owning a serene life as well as opening a restaurant when he even had the chancehe used this capability to help in the Axis Cult festival, even producing a few dishes from Japan to entice clients