Who is Aqua ?

Just before lifetime from the fantasy-world , she had been a goddess of water that directed humans into the after life; within, she’s worshipped by the Axis Order.


Aqua is referred to as being a supernaturally beautiful god which Kazuma notes her beauty has been »beyond the idols exhibited on tv » and »exceeding humans ».

Aqua’s clothes take a blue colour scheme, with her everyday apparel composed of a vest, detached sleeves, thighhigh boots, a very brief mini skirt and a translucent under-skirt. She wears a celestial relic within the kind of a translucent pink hagoromo, that may disappear and reappear up her will.


Aqua comes with an appealing yet bothersome character. She’s highspirited, cheerful, and busty, however rarely ponders the outcome of her activities. While she does not induce her beliefs on others, Aqua always speaks or acts on her behalf whims; thus, she is able to act very inappropriately in most conditions. It’s also quite simple taunt Aqua using jeers or lure with jealousy. As Aqua, being a goddess, she according to praise/worship points,  » she usually performs good deeds, but immediately ruins her own virtues by seeking praises harshly and consistently. Additionally, while some of the’good deeds’ turnout alright, Aqua is very short sighted, and a few of them »good deeds » actually prove to be disasters that are complete.

She’s not capable of lyingor more just, she’s got no theories of lying and she’s therefore awful at it her lies give away themselves. When captured lyingall it takes would be pinches for her lips to get Aqua to show what. On the flip side, she’s quite gullible and will not believe people will lie . If Aqua will be obstinate thoughothers can also fib just a bit to produce Aqua more pleasing. While Aqua believes very highly of himself, she’s a firm sense that’s equal to or more compared to Wiz.

In contrast to public opinion, Aqua isn’t completely dumb. Aqua might be quite educated and knowledgeable when she’s wants. Occasionally, she and she Megumin fundamentally served since the team walking encyclopedias. Aqua only lacks the standard analytical abilities and selfawareness touse her wisdom effortlessly. She might be quite self indulgent, and can readily forgive and accept others’s mistakes and imperfections. Section of her understanding nature, however, is clearly a very bad shortterm memory, even as she sometimes forgets her identity for a goddess while enjoying with her new life toomuch. Additionally, despite her apparent dressing whilst seeking compliments, Aqua is oblivious of this real bliss of her artistic and priestess abilities, since she’d non-chalantly performed many exceptional, nearly-impossible feats.

As a result of her traumatic experiences using giant toads and barbarous alligators, Aqua acts quite siphoned against rough creatures; she’ll frequently constitute lame excuses on why she can’t struggle or she actually is »desperately » needed everywhere.

Last but most certainly not least, she has quite negative remarks of their Undead and demons, also certainly will soon be quite cold and competitive in their mind, while maybe not to the same scope since Eris. She’s capable to having together side the undead once time to become accustomed to these, as seen by Wiz.


Though tens of thousands of years were passing at the fantasy-world since she started sending Japanese individuals there until being hauled to himself by Kazuma, on account of the gap during that time moves between your dream world and paradise she states Kazuma she has lived somewhat longer compared to him.


As a Goddess, » Aqua’s ability is correlated to the loyalty of its own followers. Despite her intensity being diminished after needing to descend into the deadly globe, Aqua nevertheless instills a celestial setting that naturally brings animals along with also the undead. This setting also pushes the wicked goal in her voice while telling lies, and that protects her out of the magical lie sensor. Being a Goddess of drinking water, Aqua focuses primarily on warm water charms, and will also throw Sacred level spells limited to deities.

She runs on the team who may fly if summoned. When casting spells, then the closed blossom at the same end will blossom and boost some charms cast.

Being a real Deity made individual, most Aqua’s stats have been automatically set to max. Which usually means that while she could earn points to invest in Skills or Spells, her basic numbers such as her non Intelligence and Luck can not grow.
God Requiem: this kind of ability empowers Aqua to create a potent energy which may be published by striking the enemy with her team along with her palms on. Like God Blow, this skill will purify such a thing it will come directly into contact . It may likewise be utilized to violate protective spell barriers.
Switch Undead: A charm which, when throw, might purify the undead. In prep for the charm, Aqua must draw a more step by step bewitching circle ahead.
Holy Generate Water: Summons on lots of water rivaling that of floods. Once cast, the massive quantity of water can flooding an whole city and ruin following structures and buildings.

Upon descending into the deadly plane, Aqua uses up the use of an Archpriest for its party and will be responsible to for using aid magical to aid other members of their party with treating standing infliction and hammering fallen party associates.
As a result of her seniority within Eris, she could also violate the principle saying that a individual can simply be resurrected once a life time. But she or he can’t resurrect those whose physiological form happen to be pumped or completely destroyed.

Water: for a Goddess of drinking water, each of water Aqua produces mechanically have sacred features. Their effectiveness is in a way that they are able to revive people and also damage un dead.

Master Artist: Because of muse of this arts, Aqua can be a very talented performer, having the capability to mend an image of Darkness‘s suitor with the minimum tools in hand, create step by step 1/12 clay scale types of Megumin and Darkness, make intricate sand paintings, and make handmade giant robot made out of milk cartons. While Kazuma has noticed she can earn an income off those skills, she neglects to, along with also her greedy and idle nature makes her struggling to financially take benefit of those artistic talents.

Party Tricks: Before obtaining any Skills/Spells of good use in lands, Aqua spent her things with this full skill-tree. It’s used chiefly for its entertainment and entertainment of individuals.
Spouts of plain water will probably emerge from each enthusiast as a blossom develops from the bud which may dislodge blossoms once fully rose