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  • She’s a crusader using masochist trends who combines Kazuma‘s bash in early stages. Appearance She’s wellendowed and has pale blue eyes and right, long blond hair, usually maintained at a pony tail tied to a braid and reddish hair-clips procured on each side of her bangs. She’s often seen clad in white, black, and yellow […]

  • He had been reincarnated into the dream world after perishing. Appearance Kazuma is really a son of average weight and height reduction. He’s got slightly and short spiky chestnut-brown own hair and green eyes. His customary outfit is made up of gold-trimmed green ring, white blouse, trousers and leather boots. Personality Several of those faculties […]

  • Just before lifetime from the fantasy-world , she had been a goddess of water that directed humans into the after life; within, she’s worshipped by the Axis Order. Appearance Aqua is referred to as being a supernaturally beautiful god which Kazuma notes her beauty has been »beyond the idols exhibited on tv » and »exceeding humans ». Aqua’s clothes […]

  • Megumin is among the chief personalities of this KonoSuba series. Appearance Megumin is really a new girl with shoulder-length darkbrown hair (smooth black in light publication ) and red colored eyes. She wears a more classical superhero dress like a black blouse with golden edge, choker, magician’s hat, fingerless gloves, also conveys a shameful team. Although […]

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  • She is one of the representative and the next boss to lead the Crimson Clan, she’s a friend but also the rival of Megumin Appearance Yunyun may be a appealing teenage woman with purple eyes and medium long hair bound with tails. Additionally to being larger and more busty, she has a very comparable look to Megumin. Yunyun […]

  • EXPLOSION The only real favorite spells of Megumin, which she could throw once each day. A spells by having an overly-long incantation punctuated by an Engrish pronunciation of this word « burst », the charm is a familiar « mark-out » time for most fans. « EXPLOSION » is usually spammed from the comments sections for KonoSuba related stuff on line. […]

  • Appearance Eris can be a gorgeous girl with short coloured hair, and blue eyes. From the anime she’s portrayed with purple eyes portrayed as a somewhat older woman. Her peers describe her as with a delicate and gorgeous face which engages to them a sign of depression. Her appearance because Chris is quite like her […]

  • She’s a lich who’s who owns some »famous » Magic Item Shop at Axel, also was called the Ice Cream if she had been a adventurer fighting from the Devil King. Appearance She’s brown eyes and brown hair reaching right down to the very front of her buttocks and farther behind her spine, slightly bending at the […]

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