Eris from Konosuba


Eris can be a gorgeous girl with short coloured hair, and blue eyes. From the anime she’s portrayed with purple eyes portrayed as a somewhat older woman. Her peers describe her as with a delicate and gorgeous face which engages to them a sign of depression.

Her appearance because Chris is quite like her identity. She’s a teenaged girl having a pale complexion and eyes that are purple. She’s got silver hair and a pale purple ombre of some type. Her hair is more at front which she’s got two strands of hair framing her face with a part of hair going from her buttocks. She wears rings and contains a little scar on her cheek


Eris is an incredibly kind and tender girl who treats others with respect and kindness. She’s also quite fond and she pursuits her adherents. She features an extremely cheerful attitude but occasionally may behave somewhat childish. She’s uncertain about her breast size and uses breast feeding implants to pay. Aqua usually embarrasses her with this specific consciousness, as Eris wants as many individuals as you possibly can notice her lack from heartbeat. As a consequence of her kind hearted and tender character, her odor is known to be somewhat fragrant.

While disguised as Chris, she exhibits a level more merry and lively demeanor that’s nearly always found with a significant grin and boasting a glowing personality. Though befitting her function for a burglar, she times behaves quite childish and mischievous when all over the prospects of both treasure.

She’s exceptionally cruel and abusive in the demon or creature, also can attack and try to kill them without any consideration or thought, not really taking into consideration whether the creature in question is either bad or good.


Luck : for a Goddess of Fortune,” Eris owned a good deal of fortune in numerous matches, being the sole person who is able to be at Kazuma at a match of janken. She’s the person who educated Kazuma that particular skill.

Lock-picking: she is able to pick locks with this specific skill.

Bind: she is able to bind some body with ropes by utilizing this skill.