Who is Darkness ?

She’s a crusader using masochist trends who combines Kazuma‘s bash in early stages.


She’s wellendowed and has pale blue eyes and right, long blond hair, usually maintained at a pony tail tied to a braid and reddish hair-clips procured on each side of her bangs. She’s often seen clad in white, black, and yellow armour, with a metallic shoulder plate onto her left side, and also a winglike cloth perched up on her shoulder.


Because of crusader, Darkness initially introduces herself using a feeling of pride and nobility, whined about her obligation to shield the others against injury.

Despite all these external looks, but it doesn’t take long for Darkness to show true personality: this of a comprehensive masochist. While she does wish to shield her masochistic recommends are what fundamentally induce her to perpetrate a lot of her”heroic” actions across the string, leading to lots of on lookers watching her being a role model because of her presumed selflessness. All through the narrative, she’s increasingly more receptive about her true goals, to this point at which she intentionally reveals her basis for getting into a crusader has been hoping to be raped by the Demon King, also that her perfect husband is an alcoholic alcoholic who’d induce her to sell her body to get money.

However, while she loves abuse, then there certainly are a couple instances where Darkness may grow to be extremely embarrassing. Despite her strength and endurance, Darkness’s sword-play is completely incompetent and she regularly misses goals directly before her, and causing her to be ashamed. Some of the only kinds of embarrassment Darkness isn’t fine with has been made fun of by her own name: Lalatina. Paradoxically, despite her urges, Darkness is very uneasy with watching Kazuma nude and cried when he looked unexpectedly in a towel.

Though her masochism is the prominent attribute, Darkness can be an incredibly kind and affectionate man and will usually be regarded as the very courageous performer of this party, not hesitating to put herself in harm’s way (though the majority of that time period she’s ulterior motives).


Darkness rarely discussed their desktop. If she does talk, it’s ordinarily about her perverted dreams. But we receive some good subtle signs that she includes a high tech backdrop, like the way she ran herself (if she just isn’t in her mode) or the way her family delivered them the exact costly snow plantations as a house warming present.

We learned that she’s a top noble, owned by the esteemed Dustiness family. While Darkness disapproves of imposing her elevated ranking, revealing her spouse and children badge will acquire immediate obedience from many officials and knights. Back in LN 8, she began to function as behaving god of Axel town in her father’s stead, following the prior lord inexplicably vanished, regarded as in concealing out of his corruption and criminal charges.

As a result of the upbringing and individual interests, Darkness can be an interest expert about legislation and powerful animals. It’s a good idea to know exactly what she’s got to state, however diminish all pursuit tips she earns, because she just wishes to fight strong monsters that might just eliminate the entire party.
For the large part. Where that really is exacerbated, however, is at just how lasting she is, able to resist strikes from top amount monsters and charms like the Hydra, a Zombie drag on, along with Megumin‘s burst. It’s even theorized by Kazuma she could contain the body from the realm. But when Vanir owned hersword skill raised to the stage at which she managed to fend off proficient adventurers.


Stamina: Becoming a crusader, Darkness includes a massive reservoir of energy and energy required to fight from the frontlines to get a protracted time period.
Power: Darkness includes a remarkably high bodily strength, having the ability to control against several guards with no ceased, in addition to readily breaking Beldias armor once he had been nearly defeated. She’s not able to make use of that, but on account of the above dreadful accuracy, and consequently it just mainly functions as a glow to its own durability.